4 Simple Tips To Help Learn English More Fluently

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Practicing these tips will improve your fluency greatly!

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Accurate pronunciation in any language is important, but even more so in English. The way you sound can have a significant influence on whether people understand you and the initial impression you make. Two things you need to understand:

A) How clearly you speak English is deeply connected to the way you perceive sound, in other words, you must hear the way words are pronounced before you can speak with confidence.

B) Much of how well you sound when you speak revolves around mechanics, such as the way you hold your mouth, where you put your tongue, how much air you let out, and more.

First of all, unless you are an actor or planning on being a spy, you shouldn’t be striving for perfection. And now, let’s read those great tips, shall we?

1. Slow down!

I can tell you with a 100 percent certainty that 9 out of 10 times most people don’t understand how slow they should go. It still never ceases to amaze me how many times when I ask students to slow down, they instead speed up! Learning English isn’t a race, sure you might feel pressured to learn fast but our motto at Nativ is,“Learn English Fast by Slowing Down” which means, “The faster you go, the longer it takes to improve.”

2. Practice and compare

Okay, so you’ve been saying some words incorrectly, producing incorrect vowel sounds, or making other types of mistakes and through listening, you’ve managed to discover some errors you have been committing. First, I want to speak with you about the psychology of it all. Most react by feeling upset, but it’s not the attitude or the way you should feel. It’s essential that instead, you feel good because nowYOU CAN FIX IT.

Secondly, just by the fact that you’ve been saying it wrong for a long time will make it even harder for you to say it right. That’s right, old or bad habits don’t change overnight. That’s why we suggest comparing what you’ve been saying wrong to the right way to say it. Through practice and repetition, you will start tospeak much clearer.

3. Watch T.V.

Well, that’s easy enough! There are plenty of movies and shows in English out there to watch. We suggest you watch t.v. shows that are non-dubbed with English subtitles or none at all. While you watch these shows, it`s essential to work on your listening skills, and not try to understand everything being said but instead try to hear individual words separately.

4. Use a mirror and mirror!

monkey looking self

Find an actor’s lines from a film or tv show that you enjoyed watching. Memorize them to the point that you don’t have to read them at all. When ready, get in front of a mirror and practice away. It’s imperative to pay attention to your mouth and compare it to the actors when possible. Try to mirror the way their mouth looked and mimic the sound they made when speaking.

I can't stress the importance of having fun when you do this! You have to make this a pleasurable experience and picking something you like will help with that. If you take anything at all from this article, take fun. You need to have fun, don't make learning English boring or tedious.

I hope you like the tips and find them useful. I guarantee if you are diligent and disciplined in your practice that even without classes,your English will improve by a considerable amount… If you are interested in taking a course specialized in developing the way you sound, check out our unique, The English Speaking Course.

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