About Us

"It's not what you say, but how you say it."

Our Story:

Nativ English formed from the idea that people should have a school that emphasizes speaking and listening over studying and memorizing. That in fact through practice you will inherently remember vocabulary and study more efficiently.  Our commitment has and always will be to help students reach their maximum potential through usage and not just theory. We understand that just like anything in the life the application of what you learn is equally important to what you learn. Ask yourself, “What’s the point of it all if you can’t or are too afraid to hold a conversation or don’t fully un

What we do:

We customize courses to meet your specific demands. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, we have what you need. At Nativ, you notice the difference because you get treated as an individual. Here you don`t just learn English; you live it.

Wait, what do you mean by “you live it?”

We mean that each class brings you one step closer to becoming fluent. You will evolve how you think, express yourself, listen, understand, and pronounce words in English.


The way you think, express yourself:

We at Nativ are aware of the dangers of learning English based on your mother tongue. We will encourage you to learn vocabulary words and expressions in a way that doesn’t leave you translating everything you want to say from your mother language into English every time you want to speak.

Listen, understand:

Begin by learning to recognize words that are hard to hear, which will significantly increase your ability to understand. Consequently, this will automatically raise your level of awareness and make it possible to listen much easier.


 You will learn the most common vowel sounds, irregular vowel sounds, simple rules about patterns of intonation and so much more. It’s important to say words correctly otherwise, quite frequently, conversations begin to turn into a series of questions like, “Excuse me, what did you say,” and “I`m not sure I follow.”


  • Support of a Pedagogical coordinator
  • Fixed Native Teacher
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Personalized One on One Classes


We teach anywhere in the world offering online courses and provide in-person classes in most of São Paulo and Tel Aviv. We shaped our school with the well-being of our students in mind so that you can use your time efficiently, and conveniently.

Still have doubts about how we can help you learn English? Watch this short 6-minute video and find out!

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