The Complete English Course

Nativ English has something for everyone!

It’s called The Complete English Course because no matter your level; we can help you get to the next. However, this is more a starting point for beginners, and we should have called this The English for Beginners Course. If you are an intermediate to an advanced level student, you should check out The Say What Course.


Learn the basics such as simple grammar structures, vocabulary, word order, the alphabet and more. You will build a solid foundation in The English Language, and get off to a right start.


First, we evaluate your current level to determine the next step you need to progress. We also take a look at what you've learned thus far to ensure you advance efficiently.


With advanced students, it's not about the big things but rather the little things. Advanced students usually struggle with idioms and expressions, and need some help understanding contextual concepts.

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Classes from wherever you wish. In the comfort of your own home, while traveling, anywhere! All of the courses are available through Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. Two people maximum per class, although most are one on one.

In-Person (São Paulo - SP or Tel Aviv)

The teacher comes to your home, office, place of work, or other location of your preference. They are the same as online classes except that groups can be larger in size and the price is a bit higher.

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In-Company(São Paulo - SP or Tel Aviv)

In today’s world knowing English can often be the difference between getting a promotion, passing a job interview, securing your current position, and much more. Contracts with companies that reimburse or pay for classes are available as well. Classrooms can be one on one or groups depending on the need.

Still have doubts about how we can help you learn English? Watch this short 6-minute video and find out!